Yet Another Shady ICO

The latest crypto-related scam is Alex Tapscott’s crypto VC firm. Laura Shin reported:

The company was attempting a $100 million CAD ($78 million USD) raise after having already received $20 million CAD in a private offering.

However, the firm announced it was aborting their plan.

The move comes days after Forbes disclosed that the company had falsely named four crypto stars as advisors in an investor deck labeled version 5. When confronted by two of them, Tapscott had told one, Kathryn Haun, a board member of Coinbase, that she had only been included in a printed version, when she had obtained an electronic copy (version 5).

The other, Vinny Lingham, CEO of blockchain identity startup Civic and a shark on South Africa’s Shark Tank, told Alex via email he was hearing he had been named an advisor and Tapscott wrote back, “You are (obviously) not an advisor and have not been listed as one! So bizarre.” Lingham responded he was looking at the deck with his face and bio on it and said, “please don’t lie to me.”

Tapscott still seemed to want overlook the lies.

That evening, Tapscott, when asked by Forbes about the four falsely named advisors, said, “I currently have an order book for this financing of $250 million. To me that’s really the big story.”

Another example ICOs attracting the wrong people?

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