Crush Crypto Core Listed on IDEX – Crush Crypto

Originally, this was introduced on the Iconomi platform, which had a KYC process in place restricting those from countries with potential regulations, like the United States.

The solution? Wait a few months and list on an unregulated exchange, providing conveniently scheduled liquidity periods.

Crush Crypto Core (CCC) is now listed on IDEX. Anyone can now purchase CCC from the exchange.

For those of you who live in countries that are excluded from ICONOMI (US or Canada), or if your deposit limit in ICONOMI is maxed out, you can purchase CCC directly from IDEX.

In order to jump start the liquidity of CCC, we will put up some orders on IDEX every day at 2pm PST (5pm EST or 10pm GMT) so there is guaranteed liquidity at that time. We will put up buy/sell orders for CCC at the market value as quoted on ICONOMI, but will pull the order after 15 minutes since the value of CCC fluctuates continuously.

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