New ICO Analysis Format

We’re working on a new format for our ICO analysis reports. We haven’t posted as many new reports lately while getting the new format ready. Once ready, the new format will provide a few advantages:

  • Better visual layout. There more be more tweaks to come but the new reports are a big improvement versus our mostly freeform posts
  • Standardized layout in order to facilitate comparisons to other ICOs
  • Sorting & filtering. Most data fields will be filterable and sortable in our new reports to make it easier to find ICOs that meet specific criteria.

Although improved, the new format won’t be the finished product. In all likelihood, we’ll continue to make improvements as we refine our process and new sources of data and analysis begin to emerge. It’s still very early in the ICO/token market and charges are sure to come quickly. If you have a great source we’re missing or have a recommendation of how to improve our ICO reports, leave a comment below and let us know.

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