Blockchain mergers

Dill Chen writes about the potential to merge blockchains, both for crptocurrency and tokens. He encourages forking as way of to innovate but states:

there needs to be a process to merge chains just as there is the process of forking.

He goes through two potential solutions for merging, citing the potential valuation problems:

Also, as we see in centralized mergers and acquisitions, the larger company often has to purchase the shares of the smaller company at a price premium. We’ll have to establish a better pricing mechanism beyond hash power and other matters.

Though he initially starts with crytocurrencies, he gives an example of how this could pertain to utility tokens as well:

These wouldn’t just have to be currency tokens, you could potentially also merge utility tokens as well. For example, looking at Sia and Filecoin. If Filecoin were to establish a dominant market cap and share position, it might behoove them to purchase the Sia network. An additional step would need to be taken. Individuals would need to, before they can acquire any of token A, transfer their files over to the new blockchain. Once this is performed, they can claim their Filecoin token.

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