Bicycles&Blazers provides ICO and digital asset analysis, links and information in a standardized format to help identify the best projects and build a solid long-term portfolio.

There is no such thing as a standard ICO. Each new ICO brings a new way to present information. There’s some outright scams and some that are simply bad projects. However, there are some very attractive projects. Our goal is to identify those projects and build a solid, high-growth token portfolio diversified among a handful of great projects.

With the number of ICOs increasing, we rely on others to help filter through the best projects. We monitor a number of sources for reports, data, and analysis to help identify projects to analyze. If the project sounds interesting enough, we do our own research and provide our own summary, pros/cons, and a conclusion, including what action we plan to take. Though boiling a project down to one number may be an oversimplification, we’ve provided our own score to be used top-level filter.

Naturally, our ratings and actions are biased to our own needs and circumstances. Over time, we plan to invest 10% of investable assets and view our token portfolio as high-risk/high-reward, though hopefully we can reduce some of the risk. If you’re interested in following along, sign up for our email list.